The Search for the Philosophers Stone

Throughout the ages, humanity has sought to gains the powers of the Philosophers Stone only to lose everything in return. Legend has it, that within the blockchain, exists the legendary red stone said to bestow infinite wealth, only for those who are worthy.


The FullMetal Inu embarks on the journey chasing riches..


North City

Located to the south of the Briggs Mountain Range, North City is a picturesque town blanketed in snow for much of the year, belying the fact that the sinister dealings of Central Command have taken deep roots there.


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Central City

Central City is the official capital and also the seat of government in Amestris. The National Central Library, Central Command, the 5 National Laboratories, and Amestris' Parliament are all located in CentralCity 


South City

South City is the main military hub and cultural center for the southern region of Amestris. Located to the south of Dublith, it is a place famous for its sightseeing and tourist attractions.


East City

East City is a city in the eastern region of Amestris, which serves as the military command base for the area. For most of the series' first arc, East City is where Colonel Roy Mustang and his subordinates are stationed as well as the point where Edward Elric must make his official reports.



  • Locked liquidity

  • No Dev/Team Tokens

  • Audit in Progress

Community Driven

  • Community Run

  • Competitions

  • Parnerships


  • Leader of Alchemists

  • Listing on Coingecko (Coming Soon)

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap (Coming Soon)

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  • 7% of each transaction goes into
    the marketing wallet. This will be
    used to make the project grow.


  • This is  a long term adventure, that’s why 1% of every transaction will be sent to the liquidity pool.


  • Max wallet of 2.5% so that every alchemist is equal.


Q4 2021 Roadmap

  • Coingecko Listing

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

  • 1000 Holders

  • Trading competition

  • Marketing in Asia & Anime websites

  • Press releases

  • More influencers

  • Partnerships with other anime tokens

  • Blockfolio listing

  • Whitepaper release

How To Buy $FMA

  1. Create a wallet (e.g Metamask)

  2. Fund your wallet with ETH

  3. Visit

  4. Paste the Contract Address of $FMA:

  5. Swap